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If your HVAC/R units could talk, what would they tell you?

They would point out their leaks and tell you when parts need to be serviced or replaced. They’d keep you posted on their refrigerant needs and updated on how best to manage their lifecycles. They’d help you meet benchmarked efficiency goals and stay compliant. Trakref® bridges this communication gap so nothing gets lost in translation.

Succeed with trakref®

From commercial properties to healthcare providers, and from supermarkets to HVAC/R contractors and distributors, different industries have different asset and refrigerant management requirements, but they share common goals of optimizing efficiency, minimizing leaks and maintaining perpetual climate comfort and control. As a complete, digital, all-in-one refrigerant and asset lifecycle management tool, trakref® is designed to adapt and track according to your specific needs.

  • Commercial Property

  • HVAC/R

  • Healthcare

  • Supermarket

Supporting a combined interest in sustainable outcomes


To fully leverage the value of your assets, benchmarking is a critical aspect in any facility, and it's at the core of the trakref® platform.

Leak Reductions

So that contractors and system owners can stay on top of HVAC/R system integrity, trakref® tracks and measures leak rates, maintaining performance.

HVAC/R System Uptime is the goal.

Unimpeded interior climate control for commercial properties requires a plan. That plan involves gathering critical refrigerant tracking and benchmarking data, organizing it all in one place and making it easy to review. Trakref® provides a single, user-friendly platform, where:

  • Performance benchmarks are set, monitored and achieved.
  • Workflow, maintenance and leaks are tracked and managed.
  • Data is auto-validated to ensure 100% compliance.