Simple, Affordable, and Comprehensive HVAC/R and Refrigerant Asset Management for Facilities

At Trakref®, we simplify HVAC/R and refrigerant asset management by linking your locations, employees, contractors, and your HVAC/R systems to give you data driven insights and awareness to save you time, create value, and keep things running efficiently with our cloud-based software and services.

Succeed with Trakref®

Powered by our patented compliance-driven technology, Trakref® delivers the most complete solution on the market for managing HVAC/R and refrigerant assets. With over a million pieces of managed equipment, and thousands of successful regulatory submissions, we deliver a total asset compliance solution:

System Leaks

Simply put, leaks are expensive. Not only are you losing costly assets, leaking systems require greater up-keep and material costs. With Trakref® you get in-depth leak tracking features that measure leaks in multiple ways.

Energy Costs

Did you know that the average commercial system has a 25% to 30% leak rate, and that there is a one to one impact on leak rate and energy efficiency? Trakref® has advanced HVAC/R tracking tools to identify and mitigate leaks.

Equipment Life

Did you know that systems operating below charge experience 62 times more wear than normal. Trakref®’s comprehensive service activity tracking helps you extend equipment life to maximize your investments.

Material Costs

Your HVAC/R assets represent a significant investment in your facility maintenance operations. Trakref® gives you visibilty into your systems and material usage, so you know how, when and where your assets are being handled.

Learn about the carbon impact of HVAC emissions

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